Tire Hammer Build @ Monster Metal

Larry Langdon and Andy Blakney did an amazing job: Opening their shop up to us, all the logistics of gathering the materials, getting lots of the blanks cut (including having a Seattle company slice-n-dice the anvils out of 7-1/2" plate steel) and even getting some sub-assemblies welded up. THANK YOU MONSTER METAL! http://monstermetal.org/ Then Friday morning the throng of strangers showed up - introduced ourselves - and went to work. Three 10-to-12 hour days later 16 power hammers had been completed and tested - one is a donation to NW Blacksmith Assn. Larry & Andy kept the shop humming - as well as running machines and donning welding helmets. Chuck was the welding master! He ran that MIG so hard it froze the regulator. Hope you enjoy the slideshow!

Oakland Axe-N-Sax-In 2013!

In late October Dietrich came down from Seattle and we headed to Oakland for a blow-your-socks-off workshop with several of the most skilled and knowledgeable folks making Migration/Viking Era and Mythopoetic knives, swords, and axes alive on the planet today. Many thanks to the presenters: Jim Austin http://forgedaxes.com/ Jeff Pringle http://jeffpringle.com/ Petr Florianek http://gullinbursti.cz/ Owen Bush http://owenbush.co.uk/ Jake Powning http://powning.com/jake/ I'll be using the bits and parts I was able to absorb from the workshop from here on out. Click a thumbnail and click right/left side (or use arrow keys) to scroll through these snapshots from the workshop: