October, 2013

Oakland Axe-N-Sax-In 2013!

In late October Dietrich came down from Seattle and we headed to Oakland for a blow-your-socks-off workshop with several of the most skilled and knowledgeable folks making Migration/Viking Era and Mythopoetic knives, swords, and axes alive on the planet today. Many thanks to the presenters: Jim Austin http://forgedaxes.com/ Jeff Pringle http://jeffpringle.com/ Petr Florianek http://gullinbursti.cz/ Owen Bush http://owenbush.co.uk/ Jake Powning http://powning.com/jake/ I'll be using the bits and parts I was able to absorb from the workshop from here on out. Click a thumbnail and click right/left side (or use arrow keys) to scroll through these snapshots from the workshop:  


Elemental Forge features hand-crafted knives of bladesmith Michael Kemp. Nestled into the Coast Range of the Pacific Northwest, Michael's forge and shop have given him the arena to explore his passion for creating functional and elegant blades. His satisfaction comes from creating a superior knife that you can't resist picking up. A knife that brings a smile to your face. Each piece is crafted from carefully chosen raw stock and natural materials to match the qualities and requirements of each blade. Design, forging, shaping, heat treating, and finishing are all personally accomplished by the bladesmith. Here you will find the blades of Elemental Forge - along with a look into how the knives are created, background information on the world of blades, and links to other resources. Click the links in the box to the left for my photos & notes on events and some of my research. Explore and enjoy!