Damascus Chef – March 2016

Sylvan Style Kitchen Knives

7″ Damascus Chef – 11-7/8″ Overall

The blade is from a billet I forge-welded of 1095/15N20. Here’s a quick article I wrote on the process: Random Damascus. My Sylvan Damascus style features a brass bolster with vulcanized fiber spacers, and a wood handle with brass pin and Sally Martin mosaic pin. This handle is made of figured Bubinga – finished in a mix of bee’s wax, carnauba wax, and food grade mineral oil that is both food safe and stands up to kitchen use.

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$500 + $25 shipping & handling – SOLD

Stainless Kitchen Paring & Utility – December 2015

Sylvan Style Kitchen Knives

3-1/4″ Paring & 5″ Utility

I had a heck of a time with warpage at the quench with the AEB-L stainless steel. Here are the two best survivors of my foray into a “dishwasher tolerant” version of my Sylvan style knives.

Not for sale (being gifted to family).

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Damascus Kitchen Utility – June 2015

Sylvan Style Kitchen Knives

5″ Kitchen Utility in Damascus

After completing prototypes of my Sylvan series of kitchen knives – and putting them to daily use – this is the first for-sale Sylvan style knife. The Sylvan series combines elegance, functionality, and exceptional ergonomics with a modicum of panache – if I do say so myself.

The 5″ blade is of 1095/15N20 Damascus from a 700 layer billet created here at Elemental Forge. This kitchen utility knife is just over 9″ overall. Brass bolster. Mosaic pin by Sally Martin. Bubinga handle finished in a mix of bee’s wax, carnauba wax, and food grade mineral oil that is both food safe and stands up to kitchen use.

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$475 + $25 shipping & handling – SOLD

Note that custom knives with natural material handles will be ruined if put through the dishwasher. These knives must be hand washed. High carbon steel blades will rust and should be hand washed and dried after use. High carbon blades will take a patina over time from foods such as onion, tomato, etc.

I am currently working on a set of stainless steel Sylvan kitchen knives that are dishwasher tolerant.

Kitchen Utility (#14)

This is my first random-pattern-weld project: a kitchen utility knife for my personal use. I want to see how this profile works in practice – and how the 1095/15N20 blade & maple-finished-in-coconut-oil stand up over time!

I’ve had the blade profile rattling around in my brain for a few years – and the handle profile is inspired by one of the pieces in my knifemaker-buddy Dietrich’s ABS Presentation set (Podforge JS Presentation Set). I tilted the handle up so I won’t rap my knuckles on the cutting board.

This knife has half a dozen minor things about it that I would change next time – but overall I’m tickled with it!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Kitchen Utility (#14) - Front

Kitchen Utility (#14) - Back

Kitchen Utility (#14) - Front

Kitchen Utility (#14) - Back

Kitchen Utility (#14) - in hand

Kitchen Utility (#14) - Back

Fighter (S#11)

Fighter with fantasy overtones made to order for a customer who will add a thick cord wrap handle. 5160 blade and guard. Triple hardened and triple soft back draw. Guard fitted, pinned, and JB Welded in place. Whole assembly blued and fixed with WD40 twice.

Overall Length: 13.25″
Blade Length: 8.75″
Max Blade Width: 1.5″

Price: $225 (SOLD)

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Neo-Tanto (S#4)

Stock removal 1050 steel, shaped and clay-back quenched in a Tanto style. Hamon and slight upward sweep from the quench. Cord wrap handle.

Overall Length: 11.25″
Blade Length: 7″
Blade Width: 1.2″
Weight: 6 oz

Price: $150 plus shipping (SOLD)

Tanto S#4
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Tanto S#4