May, 2010

Bowie (S#5)

Razorback style Bowie “conceivedĀ in Arkansas, made in Oregon.” 5160 steel blade – edge quenched and hot back draw for durability and edge-holding. Brass guard, ferrule, and pommel. White oak handle – stabilized and sealed. The blade is etched with a Celtic style graphic of a hog chased by hounds.

Overall Length: 15.1″
Blade Length: 10.3″
Max Blade Width: 1.6″
Weight: 12 oz.

Bowie S#5

Bowie S#5


Neo-Tanto (S#4)

Stock removal 1050 steel, shaped and clay-back quenched in a Tanto style. Hamon and slight upward sweep from the quench. Cord wrap handle.

Overall Length: 11.25″
Blade Length: 7″
Blade Width: 1.2″
Weight: 6 oz

Price: $150 plus shipping (SOLD)

Tanto S#4
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Tanto S#4