Grit In My Eye

A month ago I got some grinder grit in my eye. YES – I was wearing goggles – but the grit came in from an odd angle. After two weeks of sluicing my eye – thinking I’d gotten the offending object out – then feeling it in a different part of my eye socket in the middle of the night – – – I decided that it was better to go to a professional than have it damage the optic nerve. The eye doctor did all those wonderful things like turning your eyelid inside out – and verified that I had indeed sluiced the object out – but not before it had shredded the lining of my eye socket (welts and lacerations – hence the continuing pain). So my Shop Hint Of The Day: Go to industrial safety supply stores like I did and try on full face shields until you find one that fits *your* face. I settled on this one (3M Respirator Mask w/out filters) but you should try-before-you-buy. That said, even the respirator on this mask seals better than the stand-alone respirator I was using – which is a trick considering that I have a full beard!

Wayne Goddard mentioned that I might have more respect for the grinder dust in the air if I were to look at it under magnification. So I purchased some magnifying lenses for my camera and took this photo of a pinch of grit – and no, this is NOT what I want in my lungs or eyes!
Grinder Grit

Update July 2013: I upgraded to a positive air face shield a year or so ago – great for wearing my glasses and not needing a perfect seal around my beard ( and I see there is a new, improved version – not sure if it would accommodate my glasses – go to a Woodcraft store near you and try before you buy: